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This doesn't usually happen to me...

Something unusual has been happening to me recently.

People have started approaching me to talk about switching their energy supplier.

Usually I have to broach the subject myself!

In particular, now that Bulb have gone into administration, some of their 1.7 million customers have been getting in touch. (Thankfully not all of them, yet!)

Bulb are a special case, because this time the government has stepped in, and there will be a short window of opportunity when their customers can switch away, before the usual involuntary switch to another supplier, at a rate of the new supplier’s choosing.

All this utility work keeps me away from my writing, but I'm more than happy to help people out, and, to be honest, it's my bread and butter so I won't shy away from it!

Do you know someone who’s a customer of Bulb?

Please do them a favour and let them know I can help them!

Are you worried about your own supplier?

I can help you too!

And I guarantee that I can help you save money on your monthly bills.

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