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A Pembrokeshire Apocalypse

Did I mention I also write novels?

My next story is set in rural Pembrokeshire during and after the First World War.

You know the kind of thing. Boy meets girl, boy goes off to war, 99% of the population dies of the Spanish Flu... at this point, the story diverges somewhat from the historical record, as the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu pandemic only killed between 1% and 7% of the population (depending on who you believe).

Anyway, I switched to Death and Me when I realised I had a more urgent need to write that book, but I can still send you a chapter or two of this one too if you'd like to read it - just fill in the contact form.

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I'm a modern person and I live on the internet....

But also in Pembrokeshire, in the bottom-left-hand corner of Wales, surrounded by sea and mountains.

oh 7593 57 double eight 39

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